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It is essential to pair video production with other forms of content to reach a broader audience. Earthship Media uses written stories, graphics, and research to help create a learning experience for an audience. We create content with a focus on the auditory and visual learners. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis and storytelling, we evoke skills often used in the learning environment to connect your product or service with a solution your audience seeks, which will help you establish authority in your area of expertise. 


As part of our technology and media retainer services, Earthship Media creates content for clients who want to develop a long-term foundational relationship. To simplify the pricing structure, provide cost savings, and develop a more reliable client base, we created a solution to establish a more robust option to meet the needs of our clients.

We work with you to develop the following:
  • Social Media Posts (Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn)

  • Graphics

  • YouTube Videos (Long-form and Shorts)

  • Press Releases

  • Posters

  • Podcasts (Editing)

  • Promotional Video Content (See the video production section above)


Are You Ready?

CONTACT US to get started on your video projects.

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