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Earthship Media is passionate about working on video projects that connect with people. Our process for video production focuses on connecting people and promoting educational content and community building. We offer video production packages for events, interviews, and short or long-form corporate video content.

All video production includes the following:
  • 1080p video production (Add 30% for a full-4K workflow)

  • 3 cameras (2 fixed, 1 operated)

  • All videos are filmed in horizontal mode

  • Teleprompter available for use

  • Professional audio (Up to 8 channels) (Client provides audio for more extensive scale presentations or venues.)

  • Professional lighting (Interviews and talking-head style video only)

  • Space and power must be available 2 hours before the start of the live stream for equipment setup.

  • On-location filming locally, or $1.25 per mile travel (One direction based on Google Maps).

  • Any distance over 6 hours will require travel and lodging covered by the client.

Interviews, Events, & Informational Videos


Earthship Media breaks down video production into two categories, filming and editing. We currently offer three video packages on a flat rate basis to simplify pricing and offer transparency for our clients. These packages include everything identified above and setup and equipment recovery time factored in. Earthship Media will credit time not used in video production against editing. Sometimes, we can film on-site and edit a simple interview within a base package. 

  • ​Up to 2 hours of event live-streaming or on-site videography.

  • Up to 4 hours of event live-streaming or on-site videography.

  • Up to 8 hours of event live-streaming or on-site videography. 


Online Workshop
Virtual Video Conferencing

Earthship Media uses Stream Labs Talk Studio to provide hosted video conferencing. 


Hosting includes:
  • No time limit

  • 2 week notice required for hosting services for setup of branding

  • Streaming to unlimited destinations

  • Maximum 1080P/30FPS resolution for stream

  • Custom branding

  • Video recording archive provided to the client upon request within 14 days after the event


Video editing can vary widely. On average, video editing can take 3-6 times the length of filmed footage for an interview, event, or informational-style video content. To simplify things for our clients and reduce administrative time, we set an affordable per hour for editing. 

Video Editing Timeline

All editing includes:

  • Title Card, Lower-Thirds, Closing Sequence

  • Basic audio cleanup and leveling

  • Basic color correction and grading

  • 1 round of client-directed revisions

  • Licensed, royalty-free music through Motion Array

  • 1 thumbnail photo per video

  • Additional editing can be quoted for short-form and vertical content

  • Captions can be human-added for a per final edited minute of video cost. (99% accuracy)

Are You Ready?

CONTACT US to get started on your video projects.

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