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Earthship Media

"Capturing the moments that create connections."


Earthship Media integrates the latest digital media and innovative technology to help small businesses and non-profit organizations create mindful, authentic, and engaging content for their audience. 


Jeremy Bork founded Earthship Media after over 20 years of working in the technology industry. He used skills developed in training technical skills in the U.S. Military, information technology, and project management to help others achieve results in developing and delivering various forms of communication. 

He started doing freelance digital multimedia work in 2020, where he found a passion for helping others to overcome technological challenges. Jeremy is passionate about developing educational videos and content, emphasizing a holistic experience that stands out from traditional marketing. Jeremy is experienced in various disciplines including information technology, video, photography, professional communication, training, and social media strategy.

Earthship Media was created because Jeremy believes in creating impact with a unique cooperative approach to how an organization develops and distributes media. We want to build a long-term partnership beyond hired project work that saves organizations time and money and establishes trust to create content that resonates with the client’s vision. Let’s look at some examples of how Earthship Media serves its clients.


Click HERE to see some of our work.

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