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Create Space for Social Media Work.

One of the challenges that small business owners or freelancers face is how to manage so many roles that all require competing amounts of time. One tip to help take the pressure off is being deliberate with scheduling your social media time for your business. Setting a specific schedule aside so that you can mindfully manage your social media helps to not getting caught up in the algorithm of being a consumer rather than a creator.

Consuming content can be healthy if you deliberately create space for that but this is more about managing time for your business so that you can have a clear and more concise focus for your day. This can be accomplished by focusing on the best times for you and your business to interact. For me, this is in the morning while enjoying coffee or tea. I have learned so much about creating space over the last few years. Creating space essentially means allowing time for something to develop or happen while being mindful of your environment or interaction.

When you create space to manage the business portion of your social media activities, you are creating a focus that will allow you to be fully present for that task. I personally do not like to use the word productivity as I feel that can create anxiety to do more things. Space allows things to breathe and helps to reduce or eliminate stress and anxiety. If your job requires more time than others on social media, then create space for mental recharging. Take power breathing breaks when you disconnect from electronic devices. Full disclaimer, I work on this daily and still fail, so do not feel disheartened. The path of life is more important than the destination.

This will help you be more present while reducing stress and create for yourself a better daily experience.


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