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What is "Mindful Grinds"?

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

One of the most incredible things in life is the ability to create something and then go back and enjoy it often. I often wonder if I am a filmmaker, content creator, technology buff, or seeker. Yes, I know, that last one didn't quite fit with the others. That is precisely one of the reasons why life is a grind. After spending over 20 years working in technology, I have realized that life is, in fact, like the hamster wheel we often hear it referred to as. Narrowing down your niche can be challenging.

I consider my own pursuits, which is a balance between seeking change in life and finding a steady financial state to breathe a sigh of relief about where I am. I realize I will only leave a footprint if I find a way to leave some digital prints in the sand on this beach of life. I want my children and future grandchildren to be able to find some of these digital footprints and know more about their families. That is one of the most significant advantages of technology today. While technology can provide us with an incredible platform, it often is overrun with strings attached at almost every click.

We are in an age of technology. I mean, let's face it. We are different from where we thought we would be 20 years ago, but we are still advanced with so much information at our fingertips. The thing we must do now is to figure out how to use it responsibly and mindfully. Before the internet, the term "daily grind" was used around the 1800s. It was more of a morbid word meant to oppress or hold back. Unfortunately, that is often what life seems to be. Especially today, it is challenging to navigate our political and societal hurdles. Bringing this conversation back around, we come to the term mindfulness. This term is slightly less direct. In Ancient India, the word "sati" means awareness. With some further research, we will find that a scholar named Rhys Davids brought the term "mindfulness" to describe how sati was used in Buddhist teachings. It stuck.

We now have life's grind, which I face almost daily. Still, I am working towards understanding mindfulness as it relates to the inner work required to effectively deal with life's challenges. Life is in fact, a mindful grind. It is more than just one grind as we are in a constant state of renewal, so I bring up a plural version that reflects this state of regeneration in "Mindful Grinds". We are all in this together. I do not see us reverting to a time when we lack technology. It helps, and it burdens us at the same time. Because I come from a background in technology, I can have my cake and eat it too. I can work towards finding and sharing a balance of how we use technology with seeking to be more mindful in an increasingly technological world.

My name is Jeremy, and I am passionate about seeking ways to use technology to live a better life and connect with others more authentically and deliberately.

Life is a grind!


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